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AMW Container Sales and Rental Office container

For Rent or Purchase

Office Space

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Office Sizes

20 Foot Single Office

AMW Container 20 foot office

40 Foot Double Office

AMW Container 40 foot double office

40 Foot Single Office

AMW Container 40 foot single office

40 Foot Office + Storage

AMW Container 40 foot split office and storage
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Office Details

AMW Container Sales and Rental 20 foot container office

20 Foot models

AMW Container Sales and Rental 40 foot container office

40 Foot models

Our modified Office Container is built for temporary and permanent placement. Gravel pad? Muddy river bank? Dusty Quarry? You won't scare this steel box - tell us where you want it.

With easy delivery and rugged design these modified boxes are a smart choice. Choose your configuration and contact us with your personalized floor-plan. 


  • Is there a minimum rental period?
    You can rent a storage unit from a minimum of one month to as long as you choose. (Note our unit of billing is monthly NOT every four weeks. Also, we prorate the last month’s charges by weeks, if the last month is not a full month.)
  • What size containers do you rent?
    20′ long by 8′ wide by 8’6″ high (exterior dimensions) 40′ long by 8′ wide by 8’6″ high (exterior dimensions) 40′ long by 8′ wide by 9’6″ high (exterior dimensions)
  • How is the container delivered?
    We deliver to your site using a tilt bed trailer and mule. The driver will unload the container onto dolly wheels with flotation tires and the mule will maneuver the container into your desired spot.
  • How much space is required for delivery?
    The amount of space is minimal. The width requirement is approximately 10′. The length requirement is 6′ on each end of the storage unit. For example, a 20′ storage container will require 32′ of length.
  • Do I have to be present for the delivery of my storage container?
    Yes, we recommend that you or a designated contact person be present at the time of delivery.
  • Is there any site preparation necessary?
    The ground surface should be level, smooth, and firm. We can deliver onto dirt as long as it is not too soft. We can also deliver onto concrete, pavement, and gravel.
  • How long does it take to get my storage container?
    Lead times vary but usually we can deliver within two weeks. Your timetable matters to us so let us know what works for you and we will accommodate it when possible.
  • What are your payment terms?
    At time of order, we charge delivery, pick-up, first month’s rent, and tax. Recurring monthly payments are due on the same day of succeeding months.
  • How does the pick-up process work?
    When you are finished with your container and it is unloaded, call us to let us know. We will, at our earliest opportunity, pick up the container. Rental charges will cease when you let us know that the container has been emptied.
  • Is renting my only option?
    No, you may buy a container outright. If your storage needs are long-term or ongoing, save money in the long run by purchasing a storage box instead of letting the rental fees accumulate. Since these storage containers are so durable, they’ll protect your things for years and years to come, worry-free.
  • What if I’d like to purchase but don’t have the cash on hand?
    No problem, you can buy a container on our rent-to-own plan. There is no need to rent a storage unit blocks or miles away! Put those monthly payments toward the ownership of your own storage facility. A security deposit and the first monthly payment are due with the contract.
  • How much does a shipping container office cost?
    The price of an office will vary depending on the size of your container office and if it is a new or used container. Accessories and upgrades may also affect the cost. Call us for a free quote on your container office.
  • Do I need planning permission for a shipping container?
    Yes, there are federal and state regulations for placing containers on your site. There are different rules for placing office containers in residential and commercial areas. Your local municipal office is the best place to get all the information about permits for container offices.
  • Should I rent or buy container offices?
    The decision to rent or buy a shipping container office largely depends on how long you’ll need it. If you want a permanent office, it makes sense to buy a container. If your need for an office container is temporary, whether it be eight months or eight years, it makes sense to rent. Customers typically prefer renting containers due to the flexibility it provides.
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